You have the right to return your order within 14 days of receiving it without stating a reason.

Always contact KOTERYart before returning the item, as in some cases, I may be able to resolve the issue more easily.

Send me a message RETURNS FORM

Thank you in advance!

After canceling, you have an additional 14 days to return the product.





Products in contact with food secured with a seal.

If the seal is broken, your order is final and cannot be returned.

place great importance on creating products in contact with food (e.g., all types of toppers) in a clean and safe environment for you and your health. To ensure this, I disinfect my workspace before starting work, use hand sanitizers, and create these products separately to minimize contact with other products. It is my priority to prevent contamination of these products. I send them to you in sealed transparent plastic bags so that you can see what the product looks like without having to remove it. Opening and breaking the seal will be considered as using the product, which is not eligible for returns. Unopened products can always be returned within the applicable return period.


Customized products specially made for you.

If you choose a personalized product, your order is final and cannot be returned.

In my store, you have the option to personalize certain products, giving them an individual character. Products that I customize specifically for you due to their individual nature are not subject to the right of withdrawal. Personalization may include adding names, dates, nicknames, specific names, phrases, photos to standard products. For example, a banner topper or a button with a name, a button with a photo provided by you, etc. Personalization will involve preparing an individual project from scratch for you, which I do not offer as a standard in my store.



If you want to exercise your right to withdraw from the contract, please follow these steps:

  1. First, check if your return meets the conditions:The item must not be damaged or used.

  • The product should be returned in its original packaging.

  • The product may have been taken out of the original packaging only to the extent necessary to inspect or test the product.

  • The product is not an item that is excluded from the right of withdrawal.

  1. Download the return withdrawal form below and fill in the fields. Don't forget to include the form with the return shipment 

  2. Pack the goods in the original packaging.

  3. Write the return address on the package:

              Patrycja Paluszek KOTERYart 

                 Muggenbergstraat 19

                 5045 DH Tilburg


  5. Pack and secure the package and drop it off at a mailbox or service point chosen by your carrier. You are responsible for the       costs of the return shipment.

(Note: keep the proof of shipment for the return shipment, as it serves as your proof of sending).

  6. I will notify you as soon as we receive your return.


If you exercise your right to withdraw from the contract and the product is returned to me with all delivered accessories and, if possible, in its original condition and packaging, you will receive a full refund of the purchase cost to the account from which you made the payment within 14 days.


If the product is damaged or the packaging is more damaged than is necessary to try the product, we may pass this depreciation onto you. Therefore, please handle the product with care and ensure it is well packaged when you return it.

If you return the entire order, it will be fully refunded.

If you return part of the order, only that part will be refunded, without shipping costs.

If your package is returned to us because you did not collect it on time at the pickup point, your order will be refunded, and the incurred shipping costs will be deducted.



Exchange of a product?

Do you want to exchange an item? The best solution is to return the received product following the instructions above and place a separate order for the desired product through the online store. Then you will receive a refund for the purchase amount of the returned product back to your account.


Does the color or product not match the photo?

I made every effort to properly photograph my products and show the colors as close to the original as possible. However, the color may vary depending on the screen.

Does the product in the photo look different from what you received? It can happen, but it is not a defect. I create all my products myself and strive to ensure that they do not differ too much from each other, but it is still a handicraft that has an individual and unique character.

If the product does not meet your expectations, you can still return it within the specified timeframe for contract withdrawal.


Have you received a product that you did not order?

Did I send the wrong product? That's very frustrating, and we apologize for that. Please contact me RETURNS FORM and together we will find a suitable solution and ensure the swift delivery of the correct product you ordered.


Does the product have defects?

Of course, it was not my intention, and such a product was not deliberately sent. I personally handcraft the products in my store and make every effort to ensure that my creations are perfect. Minor irregularities or slight curves in the product are acceptable and not considered defects. However, if you have any doubts, please send me a photo of the product and the defects, and we will work together to find a solution.

Of course, you can still return the product within the applicable return period.


However, it's possible that there might be mistakes in the name or spelling. If they are my fault, you have the right to file a complaint and return the faulty product. Please contact me RETURNS FORM in such a case, and we will find a suitable solution together.

I reserve the right to refuse complaints and returns if the error resulted from incorrectly provided information from you.


I am not responsible for errors resulting from your own fault. Due to language barriers, I'm not always able to verify whether a particular spelling is correct. Usually, I copy the text that is sent to me. Before sending me data for personalization, please ensure that the text is correct.

However, I understand that everyone can make mistakes unknowingly. If you receive a product with a defect resulting from an error on your part, please still contact me, and we will work together to find a suitable solution.


Any questions or uncertainties?

Do you have any questions regarding returns and complaints? In that case, please contact me RETURNS FORM


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